4MOST - 4-metre Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope
4-m Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope

Project Culture

The 4MOST Project is a large collaborative enterprise realised by people from different backgrounds and cultures. Its ability to provide excellent service to the astronomical community is enhanced by establishing a truly collaborative, team-oriented, and inclusive project culture. Embracing differences and fostering an inclusive environment creates opportunities for participation and innovation and contributes to a productive, high-achieving workforce. Maintaining a strong and healthy collaboration requires open, respectful communication and a shared commitment to a set of values that include ethical conduct, civility, inclusiveness, and diversity. The 4MOST Project has therefore adopted this Code of Conduct and expects its members to adhere to these important principles in their work environment.

The 4MOST Project has two Ombudspersons:

The role of the Ombudspersons is to provide informal, confidential, non-judgmental, impartial, and independent advice, and to arrange mediation for 4MOST members for the purposes of dispute resolution. A detailed description of the guidelines and roles of Ombudspersons can be found in this document. A search for a third Ombudsperson is planned.

The 4MOST leadership has also created an independent group that advises the 4MOST management and oversight bodies on matters related to project culture and values, for instance related to diversity, equity and inclusion. The charge of this Project Culture Working Group (PCWG) is to assess project climate and demographics, to provide recommendations on policies or practices to increase inclusiveness and promote a positive work culture, and to assist management with implementing such actions. To become member of the PCWG, please send an email to projectculture@4most.eu.