4MOST - 4-metre Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope
4-m Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope

Introducing the new Operations Scientist

by Joe Liske on 2020-07-10

The new Operations Scientist: Peder Norberg

An announcement from the Principal Investigator, Roelof de Jong:

I am very pleased to announce that the extragalactic leader of the Survey Strategy Infrastructure Working Group (IWG2), Peder Norberg, has been appointed to to the newly introduced position of Operations Scientist. The role of the Operations Scientist is to coordinate the development of the survey strategy for the 4MOST survey programme. This includes setting requirements to the 4MOST Operations Model to satisfy the scientific needs of the surveys in terms of survey strategy. It also includes a coordinating role in the development of the relevant software tools, in particular all modules of the 4MOST Facility Simulator, and in the running of relevant simulations. The Operations Scientist is therefore the bridge between the Survey Strategy IWG (and thus the science needs of the Survey teams), the Operations System, and the Operations System Engineers.

Please give Peder all your support in his new (and old) role.