4MOST - 4-metre Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope
4-m Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope

Introducing the new Galactic deputy Project Scientist

by Joe Liske on 2022-11-29

Michael Hayden

The 4MOST Project Scientists, Karin Lind and Jon Loveday, are pleased to announce that, following this call for applications, Michael Hayden has been appointed as the new Galactic deputy Project Scientist. Michael has worked in the field of Galactic Archaeology for his entire career, making some of the first complete maps of the chemical structure of the Galactic disk and developing detailed chemodynamical models to explain the evolution of the Galaxy. He is working on using the Milky Way as a benchmark for galaxy evolution, from developing IFU-like observations of the Galaxy to being one of the leaders of the large ESO-MUSE program GECKOS. He has worked extensively on large-scale surveys throughout his career and developed the observing strategy for the GALAH spectroscopic survey. Michael thus brings a wealth of experience in the design and operation of large spectroscopic surveys to 4MOST, and he is eager to help shape a productive and welcoming research environment to ensure that all of the 4MOST Surveys will be successful.

The Project Scientists are joined by the Principal Investigator, Roelof de Jong, in extending their thanks to Diane Feuillet for her excellent work as the previous Galactic deputy Project Scientist.