4MOST - 4-metre Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope
4-m Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope

SPIE 2022

by Joe Liske on 2022-02-03

After COVID-related cancellations of previous SPIE meetings in Japan and San Diego, we are now hoping for a physical SPIE meeting in Montreal during the summer of 2022. 4MOST will of course be strongly represented, with the following abstracts having been submitted:

  1. 4MOST – the 4-metre multi-object spectroscopic telescope project in the assembly, integration and test phase (R. de Jong et al.)
  2. 4MOST – MAIT of the High-Resolution-Spectrograph (W. Seifert et al.)
  3. 4MOST – manufacture, assembly and test of the optical fiber system (A. Kelz et al.)
  4. 4MOST Calibration System: Design, Assembly and Testing (J. Pragt et al.)
  5. 4MOST Guiding and Wavefront Sensing cameras – Requirements and early testing (O. Bellido-Tirado et al.)
  6. 4MOST Low Resolution Spectrograph Alignment (F. Laurent et al.)
  7. 4MOST Low Resolution Spectrograph Performances (K. Disseau et al.)
  8. 4MOST WFC_ADC (M.Cunningham, D. Brooks, P. Doel et al.)
  9. The 4MOST Calibration Plan (G. Micheva et al.)
  10. Overall performance of AESOP, the 4MOST fibre positioner (J. Brzeski et al.)
  11. AESOP, the 4MOST fibre positioner – Engineering Principle (J. Brzeski et al.)
  12. The 4MOST facility control software on its way to a fully fledged subsystem (F. Rothmaier et al.)