4MOST - 4-metre Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope
4-m Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope

Seeking second IWG6 lead

by Henri Boffin on 2023-07-07

The 4MOST Project seeks a second lead for IWG6 (Data Curation and Quality Control) with scientific background in Galactic astronomy to work together with the current lead on developing the 4MOST Quality Control pipeline (4QP) and coordinating the activities of Infrastructure Working Group 6 "Data Quality Control".

**Job summary: ** The main responsibility of IWG6 is to ensure that appropriate quality control procedures are in place where needed in the many interfaces of the 4MOST data flow.

QC happens at several levels:

  1. All the data processing and analysis pipelines should make sure that any data products have been submitted to quality control before being transmitted ahead in the data flow. IWG6 conducts active discussions with the appropriate work packages to ensure this is the case.
  2. IWG6 runs its own QC pipeline (after the L1 and L2 pipelines) and adds QC parameters to the data flow as needed.
  3. IWG6 will visually examine the data and conduct trending analysis to catch any QC issues not uncovered by the previous two activities. In time, it is expected that such additional QC checks lead to improvements in the pipelines and in the QC pipeline.

The two leads of IWG6 work together to ensure that these tasks are addressed. They work with all members of IWG6, staffed from the different surveys. Time commitment is around 20%, likely to increase to 50% in the first year of operations.

** Main tasks: **

  • advise IWG1 on measures to QC the input survey catalogues
  • collaborate with OpSys in putting QC measures in place for OBs
  • work together with DMS to define appropriate QC measures and procedures to check L1 data
  • develop and maintain 4QP, which checks the L2 data
  • work with the 4MOST archive teams to ensure proper data curation ahead of data releases
  • coordinate efforts of IWG6, from distributing the (mock) data to collating any identified issues, communicating them to source nodes, and advising on solutions.

** Selection criteria: **

  • background in Galactic astronomy
  • experience with data reduction and analysis of spectra
  • experience with python programming
  • good communication skills
  • collaborative and inclusive mindset

Applications are reviewed by a selection panel that contains at least the 4MOST Operations Manager and the current IWG6 co-leads and is chaired by the 4MOST PI.

Beside the competence, motivation and availability of candidates, the selection committee will also pay attention to gender and diversity balance and implications for early career scientists. We encourage all interested individuals, especially from underrepresented minorities, to apply.

Performing the IWG6 co-lead responsibilities will normally allow one to qualify for a permanent 4MOST Science Team membership.

Please see the 4MOST wiki for information on how to apply.