4MOST - 4-metre Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope
4-m Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope

4MOST Mid-Term Reviews – next chapter

by Joe Liske on 2019-10-29

On 21-22 October 2019 the Project Office (Brynnel, Giannone, Bellido, Frey, de Jong and Cesarini) visited the Landesternwarte (LSW) in Heidelberg to meet with the High Resolution Spectrograph (HRS) team for the project-internal Mid-Term Review (MTR). In addition to feeling the pulse of the work package, we visited the just completed new LSW integration hall. This impressive facility was built for the integration of HRS. In parallel, opto-mechanical units are integrated and tested in the adjacent optics clean room. The review itself went very well, and the Project Office left LSW with a very good impression. We noted that, just like for the LRS, the HRS schedule is heavily dependent on deliveries from optics manufacturers. Other than this no concerns were raised, and we are looking forward to the Local Acceptance Review scheduled for November 2020.

Participants of the HRS Mid-Term Review (from left to right, in front of the HRS optical table in the new LSW integration hall): Walter Seifert, Joar Brynnel, Florian Rothmeier, Steffen Frey, Roelof de Jong, Domenico Giannone, Olga Bellido, Thomas Hahn.